The Book

This book is not comforting; it does not reassure. It does not teach anything a decent person needs to know. It is a book about BDSM, but it will teach you nothing about tying knots, swinging floggers or spanking. It does not attempt to reach the vanilla public.

“The Forked Tongue” is a comprehensive exploration of the psychological and ethical dimensions of BDSM, particularly focusing on the darker, more intense aspects of power dynamics and mental manipulation. The book delves into the intricacies of constructing scenes that engage deeply with the psyche, emphasizing the importance of consent, understanding, and responsible conduct within these complex interactions. It is not just a manual on BDSM practices but also a philosophical treatise that challenges readers to consider the deeper motivations, consequences, and ethical dilemmas inherent in these power exchanges. The author, through personal anecdotes and detailed explanations, provides a nuanced view of BDSM, moving beyond the physical to explore the mental and emotional layers of dominance and submission.


The 261-page revisited edition includes additional content that enhances the understanding and appreciation of the original text. This new material offers further insights into the BDSM community and the philosophical underpinnings of its practices. It features contributions from individuals who were closely associated with the author or who have been significantly influenced by the book’s themes. These contributions, in the form of notes, reflections, and personal anecdotes, provide a broader context for the bookโ€™s content, illustrating its impact on real lives and relationships.